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A therapeutic veterinary formulation for all horses at risk of inflammatory conditions — including Laminitis/Founder — or where a low starch, low energy, high fibre diet is clinically indicated.

Pasture is linked to 54% of Laminitis in grazing horses and ponies. Correct feeding management and grazing practise can prevent up to 50% of Laminitis cases. Current advice from The Laminitis Trust is that at-risk horses and ponies, and those with recurrent laminitis should have ‘… restricted grazing to avoid laminitis – and must be stabled or fitted with a grazing muzzle…’. This is especially important during the growing season, or when pasture has undergone climatic stress. A high fibre, low starch, low energy feed should form the basis of nutritional management for horses at risk of Laminitis.

Dunstan All 4 Feet

$67.28 Regular Price
$53.82Sale Price
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