Copra meal is the by-product from the extraction of coconut oil from the coconut. It is a highly digestible supplement with moderately high protein and energy values. With it’s energy being derived from it’s relatively high oil and fibre content and no carbohydrate it is a very safe feed for ruminants and equine animals.

Copra Meal 10kg and 25kg

  • Copra meal is a very palatable feed making it ideal for introducing stock to supplementary feeding. It can be mixed with maize or grass silage to raise protein and energy levels and with grains as a complete feed. With similar characteristics to palm kernal, copra meal can be used to strategically supplement pasture for higher milk production or for growing or fattening young stock.

    Caution: At present coprameal should only be included up to a maximum level of 15% of a milking cows diet due to the possibility of aflitoxins being present which can taint the flavour of milk

    For example

    • Emergency feeding
    • Filling feed and energy “gaps”
    • Summer/mid lactation feeding
    • Transition feeding
    • Dry cow feeding and preparation for calving.
    • Conditioning of horses

    Typical analysis

    Dry matter % 88%

    Crude protein 18-20%

    Digestibility 90%

    ME Ruminants 12.9 MJ ME/kg DM