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Timothy Chaff

The perfect Chaff for animals who do not require the high levels of protein which is in Lucerne. Timothy Chaff is great for horses who have problems with endophytes as Timothy Hay does not have them.

Future Feed Timothy Chaff 20kg

  • A bit of background about why we do our chaff the way we do! Our chaff is all cut the good old-fashioned way meaning that there is consistency in the length of fibre throughout every bag, making it more palatable for sensitive horses.

    When cutting our chaff, we use an extensive dust extraction method to extract the dust in the end product. We do not add any oils or any other additives to our product it is 100% Natural, and as the dust has already been extracted there is no need to add oil to suppress this.

    We are all trying to do our bit to protect our environment and we are encouraging our customers to do the same which is why we supply our chaff in Poly Bags so they can be reused again and again. These bags are also very strong meaning they do not tear or rip easily causing the product to be damaged.

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