Harvest Grains BREED N SPELL™

listed on the FEEDXL nutrition planning program.

Increased Minerals, Vitamins and Nutrients

• All growth stages incl yearlings, mares & foals
• Maintain or increase condition when required
• Spelling and agistment
• Ageing and rehabilitating 
• Also suitable as a foundation diet for working horses

 A controlled energy feed to maintain growth and appearance. As such it is suitable for  a variety of horses when large volumes of feed are not required.

Harvest Grains Breed & Spell

  • A balanced feed to maintain growth and appearance. 

    Suitable for  a variety of horses when large volumes of feed are not required. Nutrient dense, quality proteins (with the exclusion of soy meal) highly digestible amino acids and fresh cold pressed Oil high in Omega 3 and 6 sourced from our own New Zealand growers.  Balanced using inorganic, chelated minerals,  inorganic and organic vitamins (includes coated vitamins) & European natural Vitamin E at 450iu per kg. Total Vit E 648iu per kg feed

    Also contains our exclusive Harvest Grains NZ SIGNATURE GOLD NUT™ 
    Includes organic selenium. total selenium 0.55mg per kg feed

    Balanced ratios of calcium, phosphorous, zinc (inc organic) and copper (inc organic). 

    BREED- N-SPELL is a feed suitable for most New Zealand horses.

    • Seek advice to attain correct selenium levels for all horses. 
    • Provide additional salt or electrolytes if in work 

    When feeding below the rec rate per day topping up any nutrient shortfalls with a measured dose of quality mineral & vitamin supplement may help prevent your horses health and metabolism from being compromised. Add salt or electrolytes if necessary
    Seek advice if not sure your horse is receiving the correct amount of selenium

    Contains: barley, peas, sunflower, lupins, legumes, super fibers, Harvest Grains Signature Nut™, alfalfa leaf, molasses, pro-biotics, enzymes, fresh cold pressed oils, with increased Omega 3. Balance using inorganic, chelated & organic minerals, organic protected vitamins, anti-oxidants

    Pro & Pre-biotics, oligasaccharides, ACVM registered toxin binder, organic selenium yeast as Alkosel®, anti-oxidants, natural European vitamin E



    C Protein 16.7%, D Energy 13MJ kg, Lysine 5.8g, Calcium 7.4g, Phosphorus 4.7g, Copper 57.4mg, Zinc 138mg, Orgainc Selenium 0.55mg, Manganese 100mg, Iodine 2.6mg, Iron 200mg, Sodium 3.1g, Chloride 6.4g, Magnesium 2.9g, Potassium 9.1g, Vitamin A 15081 IU, Vitamin D 2268 IU,,, Vitamin E 648 IU, Vitamin B1 11.2mg, Vitamin B2 8.01mg, Niacin B3 58.1mg, Vitamin B5 18.7mg, Vitamin B6 7.8mg, Folic acid 3.9mg, Vit B12 65μg, Biotin H2 7.5mg, Chromium 0.15mg, Vitamin K3 3mg, Cobalt 0.75mg, Choline 1.5mg

    Suggested feeding guide

    100kg plus up to 0.8kg per day
    200kg plus up to 1.6kg per day
    300kg plus up to 2.4kg per day
    400kg plus up to 3.2kg per day
    500kg plus up to 4.0kg per day
    600kg plus up to 4.8kg per day

    If feeding Harvest Grains BREED N SPELL for the first time gradually introduce over a minimum 10 days so the horses digestive system can adjust gradually to the new diet, proteins and oils.
    Ensure your horses receive a minimum 1.5% of their body-weight as additional good quality fiber and give open access to fresh clean drinking water and salt block if needed.
    Selenium testing is advisable to ensure levels meet the horses individual needs

    Not suitable for equines suffering EMS, laminitis or cushings disease