Multi Nut General purpose feed for Goats, Sheep, and other animals, High Energy Feed Analysis: 12.4 MJ/Kg Energy; Min Protein 10.3%; Max Fat 5%; Max Fibre 6%; Max Salt 1.7% 

Feeding guide.

Always introduce a new product into the diet slowly.  As a guide, start with 1/2kg per day and increase by adding the same amount each day.  Do not exceed 4kg per day.

Be aware of gorging.  Due to the high palatability, cows are at risk of acidosis if fed ad-lib.  Therefore, it is recommended that feeding is controlled to ensure stock are not at risk.

Stock nuts can be used during lactation.

After calving, ensure calcium demands are met – this may require additional supplements to be used.

Ensure feed is kept dry and free from contamination from vermin or other.

Ringrose Multi Feed Nut 25kg