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Possyum Supreme is a highly nutritious and palatable dog roll rich in omega 3 and 6 unsaturated fatty acids. Dogs prefer possum meat and inclusion of this meat into their diet can result in improved appetites, healthy skin and coat.

We blend our possum with high value fresh beef and lamb liver and kidney to provide the best quality nutrition.

Fresh New Zealand Meat

Possum meat is sourced from processing facilities licensed by MPI. There are strict controls around land owner access, sourcing methods and poison declarations. Our dog rolls are are made under stringent MPI production criteria. The removal of possums from our forests without the use of pesticides encourages the regeneration of New Zealand forests and the protection of our native birds.

Possyum Large and Small Dog Rolls

  • Nutritional Information

    Typical Analysis Per kg of Dry Matter
    Gross Energy 4000 k/cals per Kg
    Crude Protein 21.5%
    Fat 8%
    Crude Fibre 1.09%
    Carbohydrate 65%

    Benefits to your Dog

    Muscle Development: Quality NZ sourced meat products rich in protein which is necessary for the development and maintenance of muscle

    Vision and Eye Health: Blended with a selection of vitamins and minerals including Vitamin A to maintain eye health and vision

    Digestion: Selected wholegrains are a vital source of dietary fibre which aids digestion

    Energy: Blended grains provide the carbohydrates essential for energy and vitality

    Skin and Coat Health: Omega 3 & Omega 6 fatty acids help promote good skin health and a shiny coat


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