Introduce gradually at about 12 months of age by replacement of weanling mix.

Feeding Guide:

400kg +/ 15mth yearling

0.75kg / day average gain

with average pasture         5kg per day

with good pasture              2.5-3kg per day

increase by .025kg per month

for higher rates of gain or when on poor quality pasture, increase feed rates.

Yearling Mix 25kg

  • Analysis:

    Protein min            13.070%

    Fibre max                5.582%

    Fat max                    2.592%

    Salt max                  0.532%

    D.Energy min        12.750 MJ/kg



    Maize, Barley, Lucerne Chaff, Linseed, Bran, Molasses, Soya Bean & Soya Oil, Salt, Dicalcium Phosphate, Limestone, Vitamins & trace Minerals