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An intensive calcium, magnesium and vitamin D3 liquid supplement for developing bone strength, egg shell quality and to support feathering.
Vitamin D3 enables the body to absorb calcium and magnesium is essential for the bone and eggshell matrix.

Add Agrivite Enhance to the water and notice the difference.

Agrivite Feather Shell & Bone

  • Dosage: Add 5ml per litre to drinking water - replace water daily. Give for 3-7 days initially then one day a week.

    • Improves egg shell quality.
    • Supports feathering.
    • Encourages the body to absorb calcium.
    • Contains magnesium.
    • Active Ingredients per 100ml.
    • Vitamin D3 40,000iu, Calcium 680mg and Magnesium 50mg.

    Instructions for use.
    For best results use Enhance FSB Supplement at the recommended dilution in drinking water, initially for 3-7 days and subsequently once per week. Replace treated water after 24 hours with newly treated or freshwater. Do not use in combination with other products.

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