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Poultry Pep is a tasty aromatic blend of minerals, spices and vitamin C that has a whole host of benefits to help support all-round condition and encourage birds to eat their ration.

Agrivite Poultry Pep 500g & 1.5kg

  • Maintains immunity

    Encourages growth

    Promotes good eggshell quality

    Plus supports egg-laying performance

    Maintains condition during extremely hot and cold weather

    What's in Poultry Pep?

    Vitamins, Pro-vitamins, Micronised wheat bran, Calcareous seaweed, sodium bicarbonate, Germinated barley (dried at low temp & ground), fenugreek, fennel & aniseed powder, turmeric & angelica.

    Key benefits?

    Ascorbic acid is a white compound that is synthesized by poultry in the kidneys. During stress, however, this ascorbic acid becomes insufficient to meet the bird’s requirements. Vitamin C helps reduce stress-related problems such as poor immunity, feed intake, oxidative stress, poor growth, eggshell quality and egg-laying performance. The addition of vitamin C in Agrivite Poultry Pep gives the product the perfect formulation for an effective all-round supplement and moult treatment.

    What poultry can I use it on?

    Poultry Pep is suitable for all poultry including chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, pigeons, game birds and more...

    How do I administer Poultry Pep? 

    1 x heaped tablespoon with the daily feed ration for every 10 birds Poultry Pep™ 

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