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Arnold and the staff at Lifestyle Animals love their animal family. We want to do something for the rescued cats and kittens that have been left ownerless and homeless at Muriwai because of Cyclone Gabrielle.
Tunnel Hill Cat Motel are taking these animals in at no cost until they can be reunited with their owners or homes can be found for the kittens.
Many of them need vet checks and procedures for injuries like eye ulcers and malnutrition and just a going over.
The kittens will also need to be de-sexed, vaccinated, and microchipped before being rehomed.

100% of your donation goes into an account at Vets North Kumeu and is used for the well-being of the cats and medical costs.


Arnold's Muriwai Rescues

  • Just keeping my awesome people who are helping by donating to the rescue cats that I’m helping out, it helps with vet visits and desexing as well as the  general well-being of the cats, and  residents of Muriwai are so thank full to you. 

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