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New and improved high fibre formula! 

How much delicious nutritious feed can you pack into one bar? Well, it is a lot actually. This carefully crafted treat has been crammed with a selection of natural ingredients to ensure your rabbit is rapt, your guinea pig pleased.

Bonanza Bar Cranberry and Apricot

  • Spoil your guinea pig or rabbit with a special treat that is also packed full of nutrients to keep them healthy, happier, and full of energy.

    • A high fibre treat for rabbits and guinea pigs
    • Made with natural ingredients designed to keep small animals in great shape
    • Fully digestible and delicious tasting
    • Includes real apricots/cranberry
    • Now without seeds and wholegrains
    • Available in apricot or cranberry flavour

    Ingredients: Timothy pellets (100% timothy hay), lucerne pellets (100% lucerne hay), timothy chaff, carrot, rabbit pellets *(barley, wheat, soya bean meal, grass fibre, soya hulls, molasses, bentonite, canola oil, limestone, dicalcium phosphate, salt, trace mineral and vitamin premix, choline chloride), apricot, bran, edible binding agent (cranberry).

    Feeding guide: Rabbits & guinea pigs love to gnaw on these tasty treats, aiding the development and maintenance of healthy teeth. We recommend feeding no more than one Bonanza Bar per rabbit or guinea pig per day.

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