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Coxiprol is an effective treatment against the Major strains of Coccidiosis that can infect poultry.

Coccidiosis is a parasite that lives in the soil that can effect poultry.
As immature poultry hasn’t built an immunity, Cocci can be fatal to young and adult poultry’s health.

How do you know if Cocci is present?

Are your chooks lifeless, sleepy, have runny droppings, off their food? Not drinking and possibly blood in their droppings?
Chances are this is Coccidiosis & without prompt and proper treatment, chances are your beloved chooks could die.

Adult Chickens can also suffer with Coccidiosis during stressful times, moult and generally when their immunity is down.

Coxiprol – 250ml

  • Contains: 12% Amprolium

    Description: A solution of AmproliumIndications: To prevent and treat outbreaks of coccidiosis in layers, broilers, turkeys and pigeons.

    Mode of Action: Amprolium acts by disrupting normal cell function.

    Dosage and As soon as coccidiosis is diagnosed the drinking water

    Administration: of the affected birds should be medicated with Coxiprolsolution.Severe Outbreak Add 40 ml Coxiprol solution per20 litres of water.Moderate Outbreak Add 20 ml Coxiprol solution per20 litres of water.

    Follow-up Treatment Add 10 ml Coxiprol solution per20 litres of water.

    Treatment should be for 5-7 days at the 40 ml/20 litrelevel or 20 ml/20 litre level followed by 7-14 days at the10 ml/20 litre level.

    Withholding period: Animals producing meat and offal for humanconsumption must not be slaughtered during or withinfive days of last treatment.

    Eggs intended for human consumption must bediscarded during treatment and within 10 days of lasttreatment.


    If swallowed rinse mouth thoroughly with waterImmediately. Do NOT induce vomiting. Seek medicalattention.

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