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The combination of succulent high energy HNF Fiber® (lucerne/ alfalfa) and the equine specialty grass TIMOTHY makes FiberEzy® a nicely balanced multiple fibre feed suitable for all horses as a safe and healthy fibre diet.

Fiber Ezy

  • Research in 2009 at New Zealand’s Massey University confirmed that high energy HNF Fiber® (contained in FiberEzy®), manufactured through the unique process of Controlled FermentationTM, provides important performance advantages for all horses. It provides more energy than dry lucerne chaff*

    Feeding HNF Fiber® provides 32% more retained energy, and 22% more digestible energy (DE) than dry lucerne chaff. Horses obtain more nutrients, get more energy from less feed, and retain more available energy for training and performance. Replacing dry lucerne chaff with HNF Fiber® provides horses with 3.6 litres (8%) more water per day. Substituting dry forages with HNF Fiber® reduces the loss of electrolytes, and the potential for tying up and colic associated with dehydration. It also enhances the digestion of hard feed. Reducing hay and increasing the proportion of HNF Fiber® in cereal based diets increases the digestible energy of the WHOLE DIET by 9%. More energy from the forage component allows the preparation of balanced diets reducing grain use without compromising energy intake. Cornerstone Nutrition®, incorporating HNF Fiber®, is a break through equine feeding regime that enables improved horse health and performance. It recognizes that forage fibre should make up at least 50% of a horses’ daily feed weight. High energy HNF Fiber® allows the forage fibre content to be raised to recommended levels without compromising energy.

    Feeding Recommendations – FiberEzy®

    FiberEzy® (with HNF Fiber®) should be used to fortify pasture feeding, or mixed with cereal based hard feeds as a high quality forage fibre source proven to improve digestion and reduce the risk of stomach ulceration, colic and other digestive disorders. The equine specialty grass TIMOTHY is high in dietary fibre and low in soluble carbohydrates and is known to facilitate better digestion in horses.

    The blend of lucerne and TIMOTHY, processed through Controlled FermentationTM, makes FiberEzy® the most effective forage fibre product for the management of the horse’s digestive health.

    Feed fibre first…feed Fiber Fresh

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