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FiberProtect® is a safe and healthy new HNF Fiber® (MBF lucerne) moist feed suitable as the base forage-fibre for all horses. High in calcium, it also features good levels of high quality digestible protein and the full range of amino acids which, together, are essential for many vital functions in the horse. We recommend the use of FiberProtect® when higher levels of digestible protein and essential amino acids are an advantage, such as when requiring increased muscle development for better top-line condition. FiberProtect®  


is best fed in association with grain or cereal based concentrate feeds to counter the effects that high starch and soluble carbohydrates have on gastric health.

Fiber Protect

  • HNF Fiber® (MBF lucerne), Xanotyde® and cured molasses (1%)

    High energy HNF Fiber®

    The HNF Fiber® in FiberProtect® is produced exclusively by Fiber Fresh Feeds through a proprietary Controlled Fermentation™ (or Modified Bio Fermentation™) process that not only preserves the full benefit of natural nutrition but also increases the energy value of the forage. This palatable high energy forage fibre, rich in natural yeasts and with an energy value similar to oats (but with the safety of fibre), can provide both the nutrients and energy for maximum performance. Feeding high energy HNF Fiber® provides 32% more retained energy, and 22% more digestible energy (DE) than dry lucerne chaff. Horses obtain more nutrients, get more energy from less feed, and retain more available energy for training and performance when fed HNF Fiber®.

    Feeding Recommendations

    FiberProtect® (with HNF Fiber®) should be used to fortify pasture feeding, or mixed with cereal based hard feeds as a high quality forage fibre source. A high energy forage fibre, with high levels of digestible protein, FiberProtect® is completely safe and ideal as the base forage in the ration of horses in all levels of activity. FiberProtect® is especially indicated to help avoid digestive discomfort and gastric intolerance to excessive grain use and to help improve digestive function and gastric health in active horses.

    Always feed by weight and not volume and use scales to ensure accurate quantities. Feed at least 50% of your horse’s daily dry feed intake as forage and at least half of that as HNF Fiber®. Avoid excessive use of cereal based feeds and prolonged periods without forage-based fibre. Evenly divide the recommended daily feed amount into two or more equally spaced feeds per day. Always provide free access to water.

    Daily Feeding Guide (as fed) – Primary Feed

    The following recommendations are calculated to help correct the forage to grain ratio and provide a base of quality nutrition. Forage should make up at least 50% of the horses daily feed intake. Feeding levels are calculated to provide 50% of the daily forage requirements of the horse. Used at the following recommended

    Body weight


    Light Work

    Moderate Work

    Heavy Work

    Weanlings & Yearlings

    Breeding Stallions

    Lactating Broodmares

    Feeding rate per 100 kg BW*

    0.75 kg

    1.00 kg

    1.25 kg

    1.75 kg

    1.50 kg

    1.50 kg

    1.75 kg


    3.75 kg

    5.00 kg

    6.25 kg

    8.75 kg

    7.50 kg

    8.75 kg


    4.50 kg

    6.00 kg

    7.50 kg

    10.50 kg

    9.00 kg

    10.50 kg

    Energy contribution (MJ) per 100 kg BW

    3.9 MJ

    5.2 MJ

    6.5 MJ

    9.1 MJ

    7.8 MJ

    7.8 MJ

    9.1 MJ

    Daily energy requirements (MJ)*

    70 MJ

    84 MJ

    97 MJ

    111 MJ

    65 MJ (weanlings) | 79 MJ (yearlings)

    91 MJ

    133 MJ

    Recommended daily energy intake (%) from FiberProtect®





    26% (weanlings) | 32% (yearlings)



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