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promotes structural health of the intestine
'includes scientifically developed ingredients'
will not cause EMS, laminitis, cushings, PSSM, leaky gut

Gastric Support Formula

Horses are prone to feed related hind gut health issues.
Feeds formulated for gastro intestinal care may help reduce the risk of unbalancing hind gut bacteria levels associated with leaky gut syndrome and laminitis.
Efficient absorption of fats and oils and maintenance of gut wall collagen are essential.

*May tempt even the pickiest eaters

Soak for 15 minutes and up to 4 hours

Gastrointestinal balance is the key to your horses wellbeing. It is recommended to feed a diet specifically formulated to meet the fundamentals of gastro intestinal balance, nutrient absorption and to aid healthy metabolism.
Harvest Grains Gastro Care feeds are exclusively developed for horses at all age and stage requirements for wellbeing and performance.

Gastro Care COCO-MASH is easy to apply as an ‘on top’ addition to many commercial feeds and feed sources.
A world first formula with additional benefits, developed to enhance gut collagen, hind gut health, intestinal balance and improved nutrient absorption.
A healthy hind gut is natures best defense against harmful bacterial pathogens.
The inclusion of a world first unique lysophospholipid compound to promote more efficient utilization of dietary lipids, fats and oils.
By enhancing absorption of valuable nutrients and improving fat & oil digestion we help reduce the risk of unbalancing hind gut bacteria.


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