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Harvest Grains HARMONIZE™​

Best when soaked for a minimum 5 minutes

  • show ring preparation
  • all equestrian activities
  • rehabilitation
  • all ages and breeds
  • miniatures, ponies and horses
  • ponies and horses at stud

May assist health and maintenance when at risk of:
• Laminitis or founder 
• Metabolic issues (EMS, Cushings syndrome) 
• Feed induced Tying-Up (RER & PSSM) 
• Insulin resistance 
• Digestive or gastric issues / colic 
• Excitable, anxious, fizzy or hot

EQUINE SMART FEED #smarterfeeding

Harvest Grains Harmonize

  • Harvest Grains HARMONIZE™ is a specialized formula safe from risky starches to assist management of equines prone to suffering adverse effects of common feeds. Suitable for a wide variety of horses and disciplines providing quality proteins, highly digestible amino acids and fresh cold pressed Oil high in Omega 3 and 6 sourced from our own New Zealand growers. Balanced using inorganic, chelated and organic minerals, inorganic and organic vitamins (includes coated vitamins). Increased anti-oxidants with added Vitamin E at 450iu kg (total Vit-E = 527iu per kg feed). 100% European organic selenium (tot SE -.39mg per kg). 

    Balanced ratios of calcium and  phosphorous, zinc (inc organic) and copper (inc organic) Harmonize is suitable for young nervous horses in work as well as performance horses and rehabilitating or aged horses. If feeding below the higher kg recommended amount per day simply top up the mineral / nutrient shortfalls using a calculated dose of a quality mineral/vitamin supplement to  ensure your horses health and metabolism is not compromised.

    Lupins • peas • sunflower • extruded proteins • seeds • flax • cold pressed oils • additional omega 3 oil • super fibres • alfalfa • European Vitamin E (high bio available) • chelated minerals • organic minerals • coated vitamins • anti-oxidants • magnesium

    Pro & Pre-biotics, oligasaccharides, ACVM registered toxin binder, organic selenium yeast as Alkosel®, natural European vitamin E


    D Energy 12 MJ/kg, C Protein 18%, Lysine 8.4g, Calcium 10.3g, Phosphorus 4.7g, Copper 49mg, Zinc 125mg, Selenium 0.39mg, Manganese 46mg, Iodine 1mg, Iron 160mg, Sodium 3.4g, Chloride 5.7g, Magnesium 3g, Potassium 8g, Vitamin A 10000iu, Vitamin D 915 IU, Vitamin E 527 iu, Vitamin B1 10.8mg, Vitamin B2 4.3mg, Niacin B3 38mg, Vitamin B5 13mg, Vitamin B6 5.5mg, Folic acid 4.2mg, Vitamin B12 50μg, Biotin H2 0.5mg, Chromium 0.8mg, Vitamin K3 4mg
    Fibre 35%, Fat 14%%, NSC 8.5%, STARCH 2.98%

    Fibre 35%, Fat 14%%, NSC 8.5%, STARCH 2.98%

    PER DAY Spelling/Showing
    300kg feed 0.5-3kg 
    400kg feed 1.5-4kg
    500kg feed 1-5kg
    600kg feed 1-6kg
    PER DAY Pleasure riding
    300kg feed 1-3kg 
    400kg feed 2-4kg 
    500kg feed 2-5kg 
    600kg feed 2-6kg
    PER DAY Training  
    300kg feed 1-3.5kg 
    400kg feed 2-4.5kg 
    500kg feed 3-5.5kg 
    600kg feed 3-6.5kg

    Weanlings, Yearlings & Miniature horses - do not exceed 1kg per 100kg bodyweight

    NB: not a treatment for discomfort or disease - call your vet if animal is unwell
    Does not contain any prohibited or illegal substance listed under FEI rules or AU:NZ Rules of Racing.

    If feeding Harvest Grains HARMONIZE for the first time gradually introduce over a minimum 7 days so the horses digestive system can adjust gradually to the new diet, proteins and oils.
    Ensure your horses receive a minimum 1.5% of their body-weight as additional good quality fiber and give open access to fresh clean drinking water and salt block if needed.
    Selenium testing is advisable to ensure levels meet the horses individual needs

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