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Harvest Grains MEGABUILD™


• Horses in training and competition 

• Show horses under saddle or in hand 

• Yearling sale preparation and Ready To Run 

• Underweight horses needing more condition 

• Spelling and rehabilitating horses 

• Broodmares (incl foals), yearlings and aging horses

Harvest Grains Mega Build

  • Harvest Grains MEGA-BUILD is a controlled energy feed to promote physical growth and appearance. As such it is suitable for  a variety of horses at varying growth stages and disciplines. A nutrient dense, non heating source of energy, quality proteins, highly digestible amino acids and fresh cold pressed Oil high in Omega 3and 6 sourced from our own New Zealand growers.  Balanced using inorganic, chelated and organic minerals, inorganic and organic vitamins (includes coated vitamins) and rich in important anti-oxidants.

    The addition of European coated natural Vitamin E 450iu per kg bringing total Vitamin E to approx 530iu per kg feed. 100% European organic selenium 0.4mg kg (tot SE - 0.43 mg per kg finished feed)  Balanced ratios of calcium and phosphorous, zinc (inc organic) and copper (inc organic) make Mega-Build a perfect feed for young nervous horses and performance horses in hard work 

    • Seek advice to attain correct selenium levels for all horses. 

    • Provide additional salt or electrolytes when work intensity or sweat loss increases 

    INGREDIENTS : barley, lupins, peas, sunflower seeds, extruded proteins, cold pressed proteins, cold pressed flax, freshly cold pressed oil (Omega 3, 6, 9), legume hull, alfalfa, molasses, chelated & organic minerals, protected vitamins

    Pro & Pre-biotics, oligasaccharides, ACVM registered toxin binder, organic selenium yeast as Alkosel®, natural European vitamin E


    PER KG - D Energy 13.1MJ/kg, C Protein 137g, Lysine 7g, Calcium 6.3g, Phosphorus 4.6g, Copper 43.8mg, Zinc 109.7mg, organic Selenium, total selenium 0.41mg, Manganese 130mg, Iodine 1.2mg, Iron 155mg, Sodium 3.6g, Chloride 7.3g, Magnesium 1.8g, Potassium 6g, Vitamin A 10062 IU, Vitamin D 1536 IU, Vitamin E 531.35 IU, Vitamin B1 9.8mg, Vitamin B2 6.2mg, Niacin B3 52.6mg, Vitamin B5 17mg, Vitamin B6 7.1mg, Folic acid 4mg, Vitamin B12 50μg, Biotin H2 0.7mg


    300kg > 0.5-3kg 

    400kg > 1-3.5kg 

    500kg > 2-5kg 

    600kg up to 5kg

    Light Work

    300kg > 1-2kg 

    400kg > 2-3.5kg 

    500kg > 2-5kg 

    600kg up to 5.5kg

    Moderate Work 
    300kg > 2-3kg 

    400kg > 2.5-4kg 

    500kg > 3-5kg 

    600kg up to 6kg

    Heavy Work 
    300kg > 2.5-4kg 

    400kg > 3.5-4.5kg 

    500kg > 4-5.5kg 

    600kg up to 6kg

    Weanlings, Yearlings & Miniature horses - do not exceed 1kg per 100kg bodyweight 

    Not suitable for equines suffering EMS, laminitis or cushings disease

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