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  • Low GI
  • Grain free
  • Molasses free
  • Soy meal free
  • Copra free
  • Lucerne free
  • Meadow free


  • 90% organic matter



Soak for 15 minutes or more
Recommended when at risk of:

  • Laminitis or foundering
  • Metabolic disorders
    EMS, Cushings
  • Feed induced Tying Up
    (RER & PSSM)
  • Insulin resistance
  • GIT disorders, colic, ulcers
  • Anxious behavor
  • Respiratory reaction to dust
  • Various common feed reactions
  • Gastric re-hydration

Harvest Grains Timothy Smart Feed 15kg

  • Organic Matter 90%, Fibre 62%, CFats/Oils/Lipids 9%, NSC 7.8%, WSC 5.6%, Starch 2.2%

    Infusion combined with airing is a process used to help increase uptake of added nutrients more efficiently into the organic matter.

    TIMOTHY-SMART-FEED™ may assist horses and ponies with common feed related gastro-intestinal-tract and hind-gut irritation. Hundreds of owners have confirmed their horses and ponies seem more content when fed as part of the daily diet.

    Prepare TIMOTHY-SMART-FEED™ by adding an equal volume (or more) of clean water and allowing to soak for at least 15 minutes (can also be soaked for several hours) before feeding. This allows a film containing natural anti-inflammatories to be released. Our method of manufacture may increase longevity of fragile vitamins.

    Horse owners confirm TIMOTHY-SMART-FEED™ has assisted the respiratory function of their horses and ponies when introduced as part of the daily diet.

    Use daily as a wet feed / fibre option for horses and ponies that repeatedly suffer a dry throat, cough or common dust allergy.

    TIMOTHY-SMART-FEED™ (when soaked) may be safely enjoyed by all sizes, age and breed of horses and ponies including thoseat risk of colic, ulcers, airway infection, laminitis, cushings,
    increased metabolic heat load and not excluding mares in foal.
    Provides high fibre and re-hydration when pasture is low or zero in the diet.
    The perfect feed to be used as part of a weight control program.
    If unsure of any mineral/nutrient shortfalls it may be necessary to add an additional supplement to ensure health and metabolism are not compromised. A diet analysis is recommended.
    If in doubt ask you vet for a blood analysis including selenium.

    CONTAINS: The selection of ingredients have been skillfully combined with further balancing to produce a safe and tastier feeding option. This can be a difficult task for the horse owner when metabolic conditions are a concern. Timothy, super fibres, legume hulls, legumes, seeds, quality
    cold pressed and extruded proteins, cold pressed oils, additional omega 3, NuEra Performance Booster, prebiotic, enzymes, essential salts, organic and non organic minerals, vitamins inclusive of natural & coated for increased protection.


    PER KG: D Energy 11 MJ/kg, C Protein 16.2%, Lysine 7.1g, Calcium 7.5g, Phosphorus 5.4g, Copper 30mg, Zinc 90mg, Organic Selenium 2.8mg, Manganese 100mg, Iodine 1.4mg, Iron 230mg, Sodium 15g, Chloride 19g, Magnesium 4g, Potassium 10g, Vitamin A 5610iu, Vitamin D 867iu, 100% natural Vitamin E 572.7iu, Vitamin B1 6mg, Vitamin B2 5.6mg, Niacin B3 54.6mg, Vitamin B5 16.3mg, Vitamin B6 4.7mg, Folic acid 3mg, Vitamin B12 52μg, Biotin H2 1mg, Chromium 0.5mg, Vitamin K3 2mg, Cobalt 0.25mg, Boron 20mg

    Organic Matter 90%, Fibre 62%, CFats/Oils/Lipids 9%, NSC 7.8%, WSC 5.6%, Starch 2.2%
    • Seek advice to attain correct selenium and mineral levels for all horses. 
    • Provide additional salt or electrolytes as required


    Horse size & dry weight feeding guide (before soaking) per day, alter to suit any horses diet
    100kg up to 500g
    200kg up to 1kg
    300kg up to 1.5kg
    400kg up to 2kg
    500kg up to 2.5kg
    600kg up to 3kg

    Selenium testing is advisable to ensure levels meet the horses individual needs

    TIMOTHY-SMART-FEED™ is listed on the FEEDXL nutrition planning program

    NB : not a treatment for discomfort or disease - call your vet if animal is unwell
    Does not contain any prohibited or illegal substance listed under FEI rules or AU:NZ Rules of Racing.

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