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Dunstan Maxim Low-GI is a premium low glycaemic feed using quality fat and fibre ingredients in Lucerne, Sugarbeet, Linseed Flake, Extruded Rice, Rice Bran Oil and Vegetable Oil to achieve desirable ‘cool’ energy levels. Dunstan Maxim Low-GI is the ideal premium performance product containing a comprehensive vitamin and mineral premix, including a live yeast and mycotoxin binder. It is a formulation to ensure that working horses are provided with a ‘cool fuel’ of top quality for optimum equine health and on-going performance.

Dunstan Maxim Low GI 20kg

  • Lucerne Meal, Sugar Beet, Wheat By-Product, Coconut Meal, Linseed Meal, Maize, Extruded Rice, Rice Bran Oil, Vegetable Oil, Limestone (for Calcium) Dicalcium Phosphate, Magnesium Oxide, Salt, Organic Glycinate Trace Minerals, Selenium Yeast, Vitamins, Levucell Live Yeast, Amino Acids, Molasses, Mycoguard.

    Typical Analysis per Kg Dry Matter


    Crude Protein 16.0%  
    Fibre 15.0%  
    Fat 12.0%  
    Salt 2.0%  

    DE Energy 13.5 MJ/Kg

    Feeding Recommendations

    (Amounts per horse per day when offered as the full feed)

    Maintenance/Spelling 1-2 kg daily
    Light Work 2-3 kg daily
    Medium Work 3-4 kg daily
    Hard Work 4-6 kg daily

    The above figures are guidelines only. Feed amounts will vary depending on pasture availability and body condition.

    Available in 20kg bags.

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