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Chickens and poultry require grit which is held in their crop and grinds the seeds etc they eat down before being passed along the gut. Chickens don’t have teeth (hence the term “as rare as hens teeth”!)

Oyster Grit 1kg - 2kg - 5kg - 10kg - 20kg

  • Oyster Grit is a natural source of calcium which can be offered as a supplement to hens on an ad lib basis throughout the year. It may be added toother chicken feed or fed separately. Calcium is an essential nutrient for promoting good bones and egg shell quality.

     Oyster is needed for the production of egg shell. Soft shelled or thin shelled eggs are usually caused by a lack of calcium in the diet that oyster shell will naturally correct.</p>

    Feeding Recommendations Always have clean fresh water available. Place water in a separate container away from the dry feed to minimise spillage and dampness.

    Store Oyster Grit in a cool, dry place and protect from rodents. Ingredients

    Selected from: Crushed oyster shells.

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