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A GM-free pellet with all essential vitamins and minerals especially developed for New Zealand farm goats of all ages– from growing kids to milking goats.

Takanini Feeds Goat Pellets are formulated with New Zealand goats in mind. These are manufactured under the highest level of quality control, producing the best quality feeds that provide a nutritious and tasty treat for the entire herd. This generic type of goat pellets has everything any farmer will need from supporting healthy growth of kids to optimising health and milk production of lactating goats.


Though goats are fairly low maintenance, they have a different feeding behaviour and unique nutritional requirements. Goats are classified as ruminants but are categorised under browsers and not grazers like sheep and cattle. Naturally, they love to eat weeds and will browse for feed in bushes, shrubs, and trees. Thus, supplying Takanini Feeds Goat Pellets helps prevent vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

For more than thirty years, Takanini Feeds has been providing nutritional solutions to farm animals. Farmers ourselves, we are committed to enabling you to produce the results that you want. We heavily invest in quality even owning one of the first FeedSafe NZ accredited mills.

Maximise growth and development of your New Zealand farm goats through every stage with Takanini Feeds Goat Pellets.

Takanini Feeds Goat Pellets

  • Typical Analysis (Dry Matter Basis)

    Based on industry averages, these pellets are 14% protein and offer 12
    Metabolisable Energy MJ/kg. This can vary according to the raw ingredients used.

    Ingredients Selected From

    Maize, Wheat-based Dried Distillers Grains, Broll, Lime, Zeolite

    Feeding Recommendations

    Up to 200g per goat per day
    Care should be taken not to overfeed animals with Goat Pellets, as they are highly
    digestible. ‘Free feeding’ on demand may cause acidosis.

    Available in 25kg bags

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