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Life is good at the top. High, dry and undoubtedly stylish, the Penthouse provides a safe place for birds to rest and feed without the risk of running into a pesky predator.

The Penthouse

  • This sheltered and elevated spot in your garden will be a hit for birds and not just for the view and chance to brag about property prices. The fly-through design means they’ll feel extra safe as there’s a swift entry and exit point. The perches are great for those who like to hang around and the sturdy platform can hold everything from fruit or mealworms to a bowl of sweet nectar. And the sleek metal roof adds form and function too.

    • Fly through design
    • Attracts perching and ground feeding birds
    • Great for yards that lack trees
    • Easy to position on the lawn

    Box size: 35cm wide x 27cm deep x 19cm high.

    Dimensions: 142cm x 29.5cm x 15.2cm.

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